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Reminder: Coins are not ‘stored’ in wallets. A wallet is more akin to a keychain, with coins always living on the blockchain itself

This means if you import a private key into a new wallet, you are not ‘moving’ the coins from one wallet to another - you are making a copy of that key for that new ‘keychain’ (wallet). The coins will be accessible from both wallets at once. If you don’t want to do this, you can sometimes ‘sweep’…

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When politicians and the media talk about crime using cryptocurrencies, you will see that they will talk about money laundering, drug trafficking, cybercrime, etc. So literally all those things that existed even before cryptocurrencies existed. Suddenly all these problems that exist are…

Almost everyday I look through 10+ pages of daily posts here on CC (I'm in between jobs right now and have more free time than I'm used to) and the huge majority of posts here are reaction posts, one-liners, or shower thoughts types. These are great because it feels like you're chilling with…

This ATM I found in X-Madrid

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This may be a controversial opinion and I'll probably get several "remind me in X years" comments so people can come laugh at me if I'm wrong, but I really believe this. We all know that memecoins like DOGE have pumped and made many people rich. That's why people invest in memecoins, because it's a…

Imagine thinking a model that has stayed within 1 standard deviation band for 3yrs has failed. IMO we are in the exact same spot as March 2019 when I published S2F model: at the low end of the 1sd band. DYOR. Look at the chart. Your choice.
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