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The truth is Crypto prices will go even more down.

This crash is triggered by many factors. Bitcoin is already at 35k$. We are yet to see Feds increasing the interest rates which they have to increase to curb the inflation Prediction is that this decision will come by march so during Feb to March the chances that crypto prices will increase…

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While many are interested in the ETH/BTC flippening, I think the USDC/USDT one is just as important since it signifies that slowly but surely, USDT will lose its powerful grip over the centralized exchanges. Would feel much safer knowing that the market isn’t controlled by a shady coin like USDT…

Bitcoin wasn’t made to be another Wall Street instrument, or an “investment” if you will. It was always about making sound money with predictable and fair rules. You don’t make money with Bitcoin, because it is “money”. Just like gold, first people have to believe it’s a store of value, then a…

The staggering number of posts saying that to be a millionaire you need to brave it out stinks of MLM schemes. Half these posts sound like they want to sell me a time share. Everyone should do what is best for them and not listen to others trying to protect their own stack. If those people actually…

Tldr: The Russia Federation is not proposing to ban Russian citizens from buying, selling, trading, transferring or hodling crypto (on exchanges outside the Russian Federation). Disclaimer: Ya ne Russki, nu ya mogu govorite i chitat Russki yazik (I'm not Russian, but I can speak and read the…

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In 2016 I bought my first #bitcoin at $400 March 2019 I published S2F model, at $4000 btc Now, Jan 2022 btc dropped below $40,000 (within 2sd band) Some are worried about current dip, but I am quite sure that btc will add another zero next couple of years. Embrace volatility!
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I am trying to see a positive thing in whats happening now, and my experience with stocks in the past showed me. Bear markets at least are good for getting your life back and stop being agitated or excited about your money, cause its down anyway lol. With bitcoin going down to 30k we wont see any…

To be honest, this makes me sad. As far as I remember, Bitcoin was thought to be the solution of the fact that institutions, wall street and big money control the financial world and the pennies of the simple people from the normal population. And it was more or less like this, in the first…

Turkey could do what El Salvador did. And Mexico could do it. And Brazil. And Tonga. The timing is perfect, just when Europe/US/Australia are sliding into the new Dark Ages, a new Land of the Free would attract capital and brains .. as demonstrated by El Salvador.
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The hearing: TLDR: Bullish and interesting Question 1 from Diana Degette to Ari Juels Is there a way to do Proof of work without wasting energy or electronic waste? He answers that there is no other way but there is always Proof of Stake (he shills it…

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